Smart Parking Management System

Smart Park Management System – Powered by IoT

One of the biggest challenges that people of India face today is lack of proper infrastructure to cater to the increasing population and specifically, the increasing concentration of people in urban and semi-urban areas. With the migration of a majority of people to tier 1 and tier 2 cities for various reasons, there is an increase in the population concentration which is far ahead than the rate of increase in infrastructure in these cities. This expansion coupled with lack of infrastructure is one of the major challenges that we are facing today in urban pockets of the country. Lack of proper parking space in public places is a direct consequence… Read More

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Personalized Building for Smart Living

Personalized Buildings for Smart Living Using IoT

Introduction While leaving a room, Mr. X forgot to switch off the lights!!! Another person Mrs. Y left the gas stove on while leaving for a party!!! Like these two persons, many others might have made such blunders in their daily life. What if your building becomes smart enough to cope with such botches? To quantify individual comfort in terms of energy consumption and its impact on the environment is very difficult. For such scenarios, the user should be educated enough to interact with intelligent and smart devices. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is used to simplify such impacts. In our everyday life, including our homes and… Read More

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Optimal Gear Shifting for Green Environment

Optimal Gear Shifting for Green Environment

Introduction The problem of efficient gear automation according to speed and load of and on vehicle is discussed in this article with the aim of minimizing the fuel consumption of the engine and also reduce the air pollution and saving precious fossil fuel, which is going to be determined by rules of fuzzy logic, mechanics and geometry, The simulation of gear shifting is done with tools of “matlab fuzzy inference system” and further implement and usage of this technology in traffic control and global positioning system management is also to be presented, all of this system will need a special type of sensing device to determine the actual load on… Read More

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Healthcare after the advent of Information Technology

HealthCare after the advent of Information Technology

What would have been healthcare and diagnosis without the modern technologies and innovations in the medical field? How should one be able to look after his/her health? In this modern world with the advent of new diseases and health issues, the development of biomedical technologies is very important. Its application knows no bounds when it comes to treating diseases, performing surgical operations, diagnosing one’s health, preparing medical formulas and much more.In this article, we will discuss some amazing applications of Information Technology. The application of Information Technology in the field of medical and bioinformatics is very much crucial and important. More technologies are being developed to tackle the ever-increasing health… Read More

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Resume Writing

Essential Information about Resume Writing

What is a Resume A resume is a French word meaning “summary”. That is precisely what your resume is – a summary of the pertinent facts about yourself … your personal, educational, and work history. Although most standard dictionaries spell the word with accents (resume), it is common usage to omit the accents. We do not use accents for a resume. The word is commonly pronounced REZ –oo (like a book) – may. For the professional, managerial, and office applicant, the resume has become an indispensable job – hunting tool because the resume is so often the deciding factor in determining whether the job – seeker gets that sought –… Read More

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e-Governance Applications

E-Governance Applications: An Overview

One of the recent challenges India faces today is preparing its citizens and government for globalization and information and communication revolution. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is playing a pivotal role in instituting effective e-Governance, which essentially bridges the gap between government and citizenry. The Internet has become such an integral part of life that for day-to-day activities, citizens, businessmen, employees and government agencies need to transact with government through e-ways. There are basically four types of e-Government services prevailing such as; government-to-citizen(G2C), government-to-business(G2B), government-to-employees(G2E), government-to-government(G2G) and e-Governance offers easy operability for them and their cross-linkages to achieve a platform for government-to-citizen- to-government (G2C2G).Over the years, a large number of… Read More

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Information Technology in increasing Productivity in Manufacturing Sector

Information Technology in Increasing Productivity

The quality and quantity of Information transfer at required speed is key to success for any business enterprises. S. Qin has rightly pointed out that manufacturing units exchange three things with the outside world, first is energy, second is matter and third but not the least is information. In the current industrial scenario of cut throat competitions with industries yearning for increased productivity and performance; faster, smoother and streamline information flow is need of the hour. It is required not just to stay in the competition but also to earn high-profit margins.To understand the impact of information technology in a manufacturing unit, we can divide the whole functions into different… Read More

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Application of IT in Healthcare

Application of IT to Healthcare Sector for Predictive Analysis

Information Technology, in short IT, describes any technology that activates the storage, computation and accessing information within or outside the organization by authenticated users. The devices and technologies that come under IT are computers, mobiles, software’s, network, intranet, internet, websites, servers, telecommunications, Database Management Systems, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Engineering, R Programming etc., Currently, most of the organizations like Banks, Government sectors, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Healthcare sectors, Shopping malls, Companies etc. are using information systems and their applications for carrying out the general activities of storing, retrieving, sharing and analyzing information. Healthcare Sector is one important field which requires IT for implementing solutions for complex problems like X-Ray storing,… Read More

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IS in R&D

A Collaborative IS a FrameWork for IT Enablement of Large R&D Organisation

C&D (Collaboration and Development) and R&D are synonymous in present day environment because collaboration is the critical success factor for R&D. Information System (IS) can be a great enabler for collaboration. This article talks about an IS Architecture for an R&D Lab involved in New Product Development. This IS has been developed around ERP and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems which enable Organization wide collaboration for Technology Management, Concurrent Engineering, Knowledge Management, R&D Project Management, System Engineering Management etc. across the Organization. All the applications needed for R&D Organization can be grouped into three categories. i.e. Technology Management Information System (TMIS), Project and Operation Management Information System (POMIS), Logistics and… Read More

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Computer Operating Systems

Computer Operating Systems: For 21st Century Lifestyle

The operating system software is ubiquitous as the part and parcel of every computer in the age of information technology. One needs the operating systems for out in the cosmos inside the communication equipment’s used by the NASA and the ISRO in their shuttles and spacecraft, as well as in the palmed mobile sets so near to us that had changed everyday life in this 21st Century. Operating systems are required in the department of defense in their submarines operating outside the territory of the home government, as well as in the department of atomic energy in their nuclear projects secured in a safe location. Whether present inside the computers… Read More

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